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Contemporary dance was developed during the mid-twentieth century and is an expressive dance style that combines elements from several dance genres (mondern, jazz, lyrical and ballet).  Contemporary focuses on combining artistry to the dancers' classical foundation while exploring movement through structured improvisational work.  Unlike other genres of dance, contemporary has no syllabus and is currently still evolving.


Goal fo a contemporary dancer: To connect the body and mind through fluid dance motions.

Contemporary teaches:



Floor Work


Fall and Recovery

Use of Gravity













Recreational Contemporary Program

1.00 hour

Ages 9 - Adult


There are no pre-requisites for the Recreational Contemporary Program.


All dancers in the Contemporary Program participate in the year-end recital. 



Kompany Contemporary Program

1.50 hours

Ages min 12 years old


This class is a combination of a choreography class and a technique class.


Dancers must be in a level of grade 4 ballet or higher and taking 2 classes per week.


Jazz technique is required

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