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Jazz dance is stylized movements founded in ballet technique, performed to upbeat music. Because the foundation of jazz is ballet, it HIGHLY recommended that all dancers also participate in the ballet program. It is mandatory that all COMPETITIVE JAZZ DANCERS take ballet.



- black jazz oxfords (competitive dancers require slip-ons)
- hair tied back in ponytail
- general dance attire



Jazz Technique Classes
This class begins with a warm-up consisting of stretching and strengthening technique as well as barre and traveling exercises will be taught to enhance and develop the dancers’ jazz/lyrical/ballet skills. A series of jumps, turns and stylized combinations will be presented. All competitive dancers are encouraged to enroll in this program. If time allows, competitive jazz/lyrical routines will be run during this class.


- jazz oxfords shoe
- hair tied back in ponytail
- bodysuite, tights and jazz pants


Junior Level (Gr. 2 Ballet +)

  • 1 hour to 1.25 hours classes


Ages 11yrs +

  • 1 hour to 1.25 hours classes




Recreational Jazz Program


Ages 3 - 5

  • 30 min. class

  • recital participation

  • costume deposit


Ages 6 - 8 

  • 1 hour class

  • recital participation

  • costume deposit


Ages 9 – Teen

  • 1 hour class

  • recital participation

  • costume deposit


Adult (ages 17+)

  • 1.25 hour class

  • recital participation

  • costume deposit



Competitive Jazz Program

Both jazz and lyrical jazz are offered to competitive dancers. Minimum age for competitive dancers is 7. All competitive dancers MUST be enrolled in a MINIMUM of 2 ballet technique per week as of grade 3 ballet. (grade 1 & 2 ballet dancers are once per week to take jazz) Lyrical dancers must take 2 ballet technique classes/week plus one jazz performance class per week. These groups will participate in 4 competitions plus recital and will require ONE costume deposit.


- black jazz oxfords (jazz) slip-on
- beige jazz oxfords (lyrical) slip-on


Int/Adv dancers

  • require both beige and black for both classes plus beige foot undies


Ages 6+ (beginner) 

  • jazz 1 hour


Ages 8+ (Junior Levels)

  • jazz 1.25 hour

  • 2 ballet classes/wk are HIGHLY recommended at this level but only 1 is required

  • jazz technique is highly recommended


Intermediate Program (ages 11+) (Min. Gr 5 Ballet)

  • 1.5hr jazz required

  • 2 costume deposits required

  • 2 ballet technique classes/wk and 1 jazz technique class at this level are mandatory


Advanced Program (ages 13+) (Min. Gr 5 Ballet)

  • jazz & lyrical are combined into one 2 Hour performance class.

  • It is mandatory to take jazz technique at this level

  • 2 ballet technique classes/wk are mandatory at this level



  • min. 2 ballet classes/week

  • jazz tech class mandatory



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