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      Judi started dancing at the age of 3 and has been teaching ballet for over 25 years, studying RAD ballet and completing all of the graded levels and vocational levels. As a dancer she has had the opportunity to train with an RAD examiner for 5 years and attend the Banff Summer School. Judi was also accepted into the National ballet school to study ballet for a 5 week long summer school.


      Judi became a fully certified ballet teacher in 1987. Additionally, she has studied Anatomy and History of Dance, obtaining diplomas in both. She has had many of her students successfully enter the dance world where they dance professionally today.


       Judi is currently working for the Royal Academy of Dance as a Mentor to student teachers entering into their teacher training program. Here, she is able to coach young aspiring dancers in becoming talented and knowledgeable instructors in the field of dance.


      Dance Trance is ecstatic to have such a diverse and qualified instructor as a part of the family! Judi brings a vast knowledge of ballet, technique and history with her and cannot wait to share all of this with her ADA students.



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