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  In 2009 he started taking freestyle classes alongside advanced breakdance classes at A Star Studios from Bboy Savage Rock and Bboy Thaiyo of the Now or Never crew and Last For One crew. He has been a professional dancer now since 2010 after being accepted into a personal training program with the Now Or Never crew. Being in the program released his true potential as a dancer which skyrocketed him into teaching and doing professional performances with the Now Or Never crew. Magnus has found his confidence, happiness, self worth through dance and has overcome 'Surviving' Life and has started 'Living' Life to it's fullest potentials solely because of his dance career.


            With his sole focus being on dance he was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Now Or Never crew, and continues to train along side of them and to compete in worldwide competitions such as Red Bull Bc One R16 and World Of Dance. 



"Life without dance is not a life worth living; Self Happiness through dance." Growing up as a homeschooler Magnus was a very sheltered insecure fearful young man, Simply 'Surviving' life instead of 'Living' life. His only passion was hanging out with his very small network of friends, playing in parks or playing computer games, board games and trading card games.


            Simply put there wasn't a very bright future for him, until he found his true passion in life… DANCE. Magnus learned his first Bboy move from his older brother Karl in the living room of his house, His very first role model, and reason for becoming a Bboy. This started his slow beginning to his dance career.


            He took his very first dance classes from a low level community center Hip Hop Choreography teacher. Soon after that he took his first breakdance class at Dance co, in 2007 from his now crew mate Jeri Chien, From the prestigious Now Or Never crew. It took him 2 years of facing fears and overcoming self limitations to get serious about dance.




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